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C & B Information is an agency which is definitely going to meet you with a pleasant surprise. On the face of it, it comes across as your traditional agency which maintains schedules, is punctual and believes in a formal approach. However, at heart; every single freelancer who is associated with the agency believes in being different and creative. This difference is reflected, quite handsomely, in the work that we deliver to the clients.


Fundamentally, C & B Information is a muster of talented freelancers who have skills and rich experience in their respective fields. All these freelancers have been knitted together to create a web of specialized service providers under the banner of C & B Information. Some of the following points are considered while getting freelancers on board our team:

1. Passion towards work
2. Unparalleled skill in a niche of the communication industry
3. Rich experience
4. Happy clients and umpteen testimonials


Our offerings are restricted to the communications segment of an organisation. Everything that a company might require to send out the right communication to its customers, share holders, investors and other stake holders is created, evaluated and delivered by C & B Information. Following is a list of services under our banner:

1. Corporate Film
2. Company Profile
3. Company Newsletter in print and digital media
4. Product Catalogue in print and digital format
5. Machine working and operation demo in DVD and web application
6. Operation manual with video and multimedia
7. Maintenance Manual
8. 2D and 3D application of complex application
9. Exhibition Panel
10. Promotion Material for Branding, Marketing and sales in various dimensions


There are various reasons which make C & B Information tick and turn it into the right agency for your requirement. Here is an account of some of those reasons:

  • EXPERIENCE: Experience is the first thing that you will notice about C & B Information. We, cumulatively, have worked for a whole host of clients who have trusted our services and have reaped rich dividends from the same. All our freelancers, individually too, boast of experience of working in a wide range of industries and firms.
  • ALWAYS YOURS: We work as if we were an extension of your organisation’s staff. Therefore, we are always available to solve your queries and make you feel comfortable with our services.
  • CREATIVITY IS THE KEY: We break the clutter by offering such solutions which will help you stand out of the crowd. All our freelancers are encouraged to think differently and establish solutions which have not been thought of before.
  • WIDE VARIETY OF SERVICES: We offer a large range of services and that would make it simple for you to make your choices.
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