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If education was to provide all individuals with everything they required to be successful, you would have never required On the Job Training!

While on the job training in the initial phase of one’s job trains the individual / job candidate on skills that are required to perform the job well; there are other skills which are required too to be able to adapt to the professional environment. Take an example of a sales trainee who can be well trained on the skills to hard sell a product. However, would that be helpful if his/her communication and language skills were not up to the mark? Corporate Training comes into the picture at this moment to let your employees assume such skills which can help them adapt to the professional world well and brace themselves for growth in their careers.


Corporate Training is one of the most recent endeavours of C & B Information. Given that we are a group of freelancers, we are always on the lookout for expanding our purview in the communications segment when we come across people who are exception in their talent. Our corporate training segment has a lot of promise as we have freelancing associates who have immense flair in their respective fields. We provide corporate training in the following fields :

  1. Soft Skills Training
  2. Language Training
  3. Training on Organisational Communication


  1. People who have done it and seen it: We have such trainers, in our scheme of things, who have conducted a mammoth number of trainings on their topics of skill and interest.  During the course of these trainings, they have assimilated the ways in which different people behave and hence customize their training session on the basis of the audience and its skill sets.

  2. Trust: Given that there are various institutions, companies and organisations that have experienced the corporate training services of our freelancers; it is bound to escalate the trust that you can lend on us.  You can sit back and see how our professional group of trainers gets your employees singing the right tune and following the right footsteps.

  3. Skill: Finally, it is the unparalleled skill that our freelancers possess which make our services ever more compelling. 
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