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A photograph is just not a piece of still image; but, it is a moment which describes and emits thousand emotions. A smiling face or those tired eyes..............Waving trees or the melting ice................That uncontrolled laughter or the mourning cries.............photographs can capture them all and tell the story in just one still image. That is the power of photography. It can present your brand in the best light or just put doom on all the efforts that you had put in the other elements of your brand.


At C & B Information, we believe in the power of photography. All our photographers put substantial time in deciding the background of the photograph as also the other elements to make certain that the final image is effective, in totality. Even after the image has been clicked, we take it through various stages of editing and re-editing which is meant to present the picture in the manner that it is supposed to be able to achieve the objective that the client wants to satisfy.


  1. State of the art Infrastructure and Equipments: C & B Information boasts of some world class facilities for its photography services.  These facilities are clubbed with some high end equipments which are required to click a true to life picture. 

  2. Flexibility: We at C & B Information maintain the flexibility in offering our services to the clients.  While we would prefer that the photograph is clicked in our state of the art facility, we can also accommodate an outdoor shoot or a shoot in the premises of the client. 

  3. Understand the power of Photography: All the people involved in providing photography services at C & B Information are fully aware of the power that photography wields.  It can make or break a brand’s image; and hence, we strive on clicking such pictures which work for the client in a positive manner.
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