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Video Shooting is not as simple as it comes across to be. Many people think that it is all about picking up a high definition camera and shooting what comes your way. There are complexities which associate themselves with this segment of video shooting. Firstly, it is not only about using the video camera; it is about knowing all its functionalities to use it to the fullest and in the best manner possible. Secondly, you need a compelling script to make a video which achieves its desired objectives. Finally, it is also about the post production work which entails editing, redoing of parts which have not come out well in the first go and much more.


We at C & B Information can assist you with each and every step of the process of creation of a compelling video shoot. The shoot can be within a premise or it might be on an outdoor location; we will make sure that you get all the desired professionals who can give the magical touch to your video. Our freelancing team comprises of experts in direction, camera work, editing, cinematography and other integral components of video shooting. You will, hence, have a professional looking video in a price which is highly economical. The team at C & B information has shot over 100 videos and that experience assists in knowing the precise requirement of each client before the work on the shoot begins.


  1. Rich and Diverse Experience: What distinguishes our video shooting team is not only the skill that we possess but the broad spectrum of experience that we have in the field.  Given that the professionals have worked on different types of requirements in the past, they understand the need of different clients and implement their knowledge to generate the desired results.

  2. Most Modern Equipments: The equipments, with C & B Information, boast of the most contemporary technology which helps in achieving high quality video results.  The camera used as also some of the other equipments, essential for video shooting, are continuously upgraded for the same reason.

  3. Compelling Script Writing: Not only are we strong in the technical part of video shooting services, but even the script writers with C & B Information are experienced and with some intuitive and creative skills.  This ensures that your video has an essence of creativity along with being technically strong.
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